• who we are.

    Ambassador Supply invests in organizations in the building supply space with the collective goal to transform the building industry. Ambassador Supply works with our companies to build for the future.

  • Investing, learning, & partnering.

    We invest our resources in individuals, businesses, and organizations that match our mission, values, and passion.

  • We invest in building companies with these areas of focus:




    Development companies

    General contractors

    Innovation and technology


  • Who will build on your legacy?

    An investment from us is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a commitment to a legacy. We invest for the people, the community, and the future.

    Economic Return

    A targeted return of cash on investment through a surplus of income and growth equity.

    Cultural Return

    An improvement in one-on-one relationships, effective teamwork, and a high-trust, high-care, high-performance community.

    Eternal Return

    An improvement or noticeable desire to grow a relationship with God.