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Ambassador Supply invests in Altoura

Ambassador Supply is excited to announce the investment in Altoura. This strategic move will open the door for the Ambassador Supply family of companies for innovation.

More about Altoura -

Altoura is the pioneer of interactive digital twin technology and maker of the productivity platform for spatial work. Altoura's no-code platform imports and transforms 3D assets into immersive, interactive, and collaborative spatial workflows such as immersive training and design visualization.

Altoura is a strategic partner with Microsoft, Meta, and Unity, and was awarded the 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Mixed Reality. With a large and growing base of Fortune 500 customers, Altoura is the #1 platform for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation, and corporate real estate teams that want to empower their workforce with the spatial tools to be more efficient and productive.


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