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Ambassador Supply invests in Kairos

Ambassador Supply continues their pursuit to bring innovation to the building industry by investing in Kairos. Ambassador Supply seeks to transform the building industry through M&A and early-stage investments.

More about Kairos -

Water damage is costing insurance companies and property owners $11 Billion dollars annually. Most properties do not have adequate technology to tackle the tricky ways in which water threatens the stability of life for owners and occupants. Kairos created a patented water technology system that is designed from the ground up to tackle the threat of water damage and utility waste from virtually any source using advanced wireless sensors and smart water meters that feature an automatic shutoff valve. By utilizing our cutting-edge platform, clients will feel more secure about the condition of their property at any given moment with real time insight and control by minimizing exposure to catastrophic losses from sources of water.

We manufacture cloud-connected water meters and smart sensors that produce critical data to help commercial and residential property owners to prevent billions in water damage caused by leaks. Our system also enables better water conservation and management overall. With analytics from the connected meters and sensors we can use machine learning to better guide our customer's in how they use water on a daily basis. Our technology is cordless and wireless with the capabilities to process critical data at the edge even without an internet connection. We have a long IoT innovation road map with our primary focus on everything water.


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