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Ambassador Supply invests in Masonry

Ambassador makes another splash with the announcement of their investment in Masonry. Ambassador Supply is continuing to bring innovation to their portfolio and look towards the future.

More about Masonry -

Masonry has developed new technology with a flexible and automated inspection system. Rapid Inspect tracks and prevents issues from falling through the cracks and money out of your wallet.

Power & Flexible

  • With the ability to create unlimited and flexible inspection templates to cover the needs of your portfolio and account for every unit, lobby, floor, stair well, and basement.

Ease of Use

  • On any device, use voice, video, text, and photos to cover a wide variety of needs because photos alone never tell the whole story.

Enterprise Ready

  • With a robust API and backend, we're built with security and scalability at the forefront. No data limitation, no user restrictions, and accessible where you need it the most.


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