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Ambassador Supply Purchases Trusco

Ambassador Supply revealed the acquisition of Trusco on May 16, 2017. We are happy to announce the purchase is now complete. Based out of Doylestown, Ohio, Trusco is a computerized component manufacturer specializing in roof and floor trusses and serves their customers with both quality and timeliness. They take pride in excellence in design, customer service and product quality.

We are honored to welcome Trusco into the Ambassador Supply picture and continue to build on the reputation of being a leader in the building material industry. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Ambassador Supply has invested in lumber supply since 2012. Ambassador Supply maintains the goal of transforming the building industry and assisting established companies to help build a better future for their organization. Ambassador Supply invests in manufacturing, distribution, retail, development companies, general contractors, and building technologies. The partnership between Trusco and Ambassador Supply will allow both sides to continue to grow and become more profitable.

Trusco has been servicing central and eastern Ohio for over 50 years and has cemented itself as a trusted supplier of trusses for any building project. With the help of leadership from Ambassador Supply, Trusco plans to keep all employees on board following the transaction. This will allow for a smooth transition of Trusco into the Ambassador Supply family.

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