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Mickey, a commodities technology startup, joins forces with MaterialsXchange

Ambassador Supply celebrates the Materials Xchange team as they join Mickey to create the industry's leading exchange for lumber.

NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 1, 2022): Mickey, a technology startup that brings the trading of physical commodities online, today announced it has joined forces with MaterialsXchange (MX), a B2B eCommerce and digital marketplace that matches lumber buyers and sellers across the United States and Canada through its online platform. The proposed transaction will expand Mickey’s footprint into commodity lumber verticals which includes OSB and other softwood products.

About Materials Xchange

MaterialsXchange (“MX”) is an electronic B2B exchange for buying and selling raw materials. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, the company seeks to foster the evolution of commerce in commodity raw materials by implementing innovative technology that completes the digital supply chain. MX’s platform empowers its users by creating efficient transactions and real-time pricing for all market participants. The company believes that buying and selling raw materials should be easy and instant while allowing anyone to easily view pricing and make payment transfers quickly. MX’s technology can handle any product traded in a commoditized market environment and is built so that back-office functionality can grow in tandem. To learn more about MX, visit

About Mickey

Mickey is a commoditech company that brings physical commodity trading online and allows suppliers and traders around the world to transact openly. Mickey has built a digital platform that modernizes the complete commodity transaction — from sourcing and shipping to invoicing and payments — providing a marketplace that’s fast and easy for global buyers to purchase, track, and acquire the commodities they need. Learn more at

Click below to read the full article from Mickey.

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