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A Second Generation Company

At Standale Home Studio, we guide you through your redesign. With endless design choices we can all feel overwhelmed when thinking about renovating our home. We have built a design team that will help you to make your house just the way you want. So that when you’re friends walk into your house they wonder how you made it happen. To help you accomplish all of this we have a wide selection of cabinetry, counter tops, flooring, and tile. Design services are available from individual rooms to a full remodel.

Company Information


1952: Ken Holtvluwer founded Standale Lumber

1995: ESOP and family transition

2018: Acquired by Ambassador Supply

Primary Offerings

Home Design Planning





Residential builders

Light-commercial developers

“I can’t image that the transition could have gone more smoothly for our staff and our customers.”

Clutch Holtvluwer / Seller / 2nd generation / Standale Lumber

Let Us Continue Your Legacy

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