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Standale Home Studio

A second-generation company with an ownership mentality.


  • Grand Rapids, MI

Service Area

  • Michigan


  • Residential builders

  • Light-commercial developers

Primary offerings


  • 1952: Ken Holtvluwer founded Standale Lumber

  • 1995: ESOP and family transition

  • 2018: Acquired by Ambassador Supply

Previous owners

  • Ken Holtvluwer and John Koppenol

  • ESOP and Holtvluwer family

  • Home Design Planning

  • Cabinets

  • Countertops

  • Flooring

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Standale Home Studio

Standale Home Studio

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“I can’t image that the transition could have gone more smoothly for our staff and our customers.”

Clutch Holtvluwer / Seller / 2nd generation / Standale Lumber

“Everyone involved – from the Home Studio to Standale Lumber – has an energy that I haven’t see in years because there’s a vision for the future.”

Chum Hobson / President / Standale Lumber 

Who will build on your legacy?

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